Electrical Testing in Maidstone, Kent

At Voltage Electrical Services UK Ltd, we offer our electrical testing and inspection services to the properties throughout Maidstone, Kent. Our electrical team are all fully qualified, NICEIC approved electricians, and have all been working in the trade for a number of years. This not only makes us at Voltage Electrical Services UK Ltd, well established, but also highly experienced in all aspects of electrical testing and inspections. This makes us a safe, trustworthy team to undergo any of your electrical assessments with.

We offer a number of testing and inspections, including:

There are various reasons why you may choose to undergo an electrical testing or inspection service. Commonly, people opt to have their electrics inspected routinely to ensure all aspects are maintained in a safe, working condition. These testing and inspections are popularly known as electrical installation condition report inspections (EICR). Another common reason property owners may opt to undergo an inspection is due to experiencing signs that suggest there is a potential fault in the electrics.

Due to electricity being potentially hazardous if left in a deteriorated state, we strongly emphasise the importance of property owners undergoing routine inspections on their electrics, especially businesses where electrical components, appliances and devices are heavily used. As well as this, we advise all property owners experiencing signs of an electrical fault in their electrics to seek professional assistance as efficiently as possible.

Some of the common signs that suggest an electrical fault include:

To ensure all tests and inspections are carried out correctly, giving a correct, trustworthy reading, it is crucial all assessments are carried out by a professional team of electricians like ourselves at Voltage Electrical Services UK Ltd.

EICR testings are mandatory for all landlord owned properties and are in place to maintain an electrical hazard-free environment for the tenants living in rented properties. Landlords are responsible to undergo an EICR testing every 5 years or change of tenancy to ensure all electrical aspects in the property comply with the strict health and safety regulations. This is essential in keeping the property and those within it as safe as possible for the duration of the tenants' residency. After each EICR inspection, our team will produce a report and renewed certificate, allowing you to rest assured that your electrics are deemed safe for another 5 years, or change of tenancy if before.

During all fault finding inspections, we ensure all internal and external features on all electrical aspects are inspected to ensure the issue is located and diagnosed correctly. This prevents any issue from being missed or overlooked, which could lead to further damages at a later date.

As we are a professional, well-established team at Voltage Electrical Services UK Ltd, we prioritise health and safety, keeping our customers and their properties as safe as possible for the duration of any fault finding service and EICR inspection. This means all safety regulations will be adhered to throughout, ensuring your property is in an electrical hazard-free condition from the moment we enter to the moment we leave. We like to accommodate our customers in every way possible, reassuring them that their property environment is safe no matter what.

To discuss your electrical requirements further and to arrange a call out date for your testing or inspection service with our team at Voltage Electrical Services UK Ltd, call us today on 07735076711.


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